Kristy Ozmun Public Relations offers a wide range of client services to help meet your needs. Here’s a detailed description of our service offerings:

Local, State & National Media Relations

Helping clients manage their interface with local, state, and national representatives of the news media.

Corporate Communications & Strategic Planning

Assist clients in crafting a strategy for their corporate/organization communications needs.

Public Relations/Grassroots Development

Creating a plan based upon in-depth local involvement in a client’s goals.

Opinion Research/Polling

Identify, manage and interpret research information for clients. Supervise and evaluate focus groups, telephone surveys, and other research instruments.

Partnerships/Alliances/Coalition Building

Research and develop relationships for clients with like-minded organizations to further a client’s goals. Identify and foster alliances with a variety of groups who share client goals.

Event Management

Supervise all aspects of planning and executing large activities such as conferences, forums, summit meetings, and symposia.

Executive Media Training

Conduct in-depth videotaped instructional sessions to prepare clients for interaction with the news media.

Crisis Management

Guide clients in appropriate methods for handling a crisis situation within or affecting their organization.

Board Development

Assist clients in researching and recruiting individuals to serve as members of an organization’s board.

Print, Video & Audio Materials

Provide management of all aspects of production of relevant materials for use by client.