Case Study: Barr Laboratories



Barr Laboratories, a manufacturer of generic drugs, was fighting a proposal to restrict access to generic drugs for Texas patients. Decision-makers were members of the Texas Legislature and the Texas State Board of Pharmacy, an appointed regulatory board.


KOPR efforts on behalf of Barr Laboratories encompassed virtually all of the 23 major media markets in Texas, and covered a time span of nearly two years. Initially, background briefing materials were prepared to include in a media kit to be used in educating representatives of the news media on the issue.

After the background briefing materials were completed, a program began to schedule an editorial board tour across the state. In scheduling the tour, special emphasis was placed on obtaining meetings at newspapers in cities in which key legislative and regulatory decision-makers resided.

In conjunction with the editorial board interviews, we prepared an opinion editorial for distribution to all newspapers without an editorial board for possible publication. We developed the editorial to be signed by a well-known supporter with significant credentials to enhance the credibility of the piece upon publication. After distribution of the editorial, follow-up calls were made to priority newspapers to further promote the publication of the guest editorials.


We were successful in scheduling a number of editorial board interviews. As a result, virtually every editorial board with whom we met printed at least one editorial supportive of our client’s position on the issue. We were fortunate to obtain publication of our guest editorial in over thirty newspapers around the state.